Conquering Wellington


Letter to my slow cooker.

To my favorite kitchen appliance:

Life in my kitchen sucks for you, I know.  I use you.  I abuse you.  I don’t often take care of you.

All your predecessors are now living a wonderful life in retirement… somewhere.  I’m certain they don’t miss the endless days of slow roasting meats, simmering chili or stewing tea eggs.  Sometimes for 48 hours straight without a break.

After a quick dip in a soapy, lukewarm bath and it’s back on the counter to brew chicken broth.

I do appreciate you.  I appreciated all of you.  I’m just often times too busy to stop and express it because I have a movie to watch or a nap to take.


You do all the work.  And then I take all the credit.  I’d apologize.  I want to apologize.  I really do.  But we both know I’ll just do it again, and again.  Speaking of, I’m having some people over next week.  I’m thinking oxtail stew.

All my best!