Letter to my slow cooker.

To my favorite kitchen appliance:

Life in my kitchen sucks for you, I know.  I use you.  I abuse you.  I don’t often take care of you.

All your predecessors are now living a wonderful life in retirement… somewhere.  I’m certain they don’t miss the endless days of slow roasting meats, simmering chili or stewing tea eggs.  Sometimes for 48 hours straight without a break.

After a quick dip in a soapy, lukewarm bath and it’s back on the counter to brew chicken broth.

I do appreciate you.  I appreciated all of you.  I’m just often times too busy to stop and express it because I have a movie to watch or a nap to take.


You do all the work.  And then I take all the credit.  I’d apologize.  I want to apologize.  I really do.  But we both know I’ll just do it again, and again.  Speaking of, I’m having some people over next week.  I’m thinking oxtail stew.

All my best!



First Post

Hello Reader:

I would not call myself a foodie.  Frankly, I’m still not sure what that word means. Everyone eats, and everyone has a preference for what they enjoy eating.  Right?

A bit about myself .  I immigrated to this country from Northern Mainland China and I grew up in various parts of the U.S.  My husband and I currently live in the DC Metro area with its plethora of different cultures and cuisines.

This is us: me and my husband l, Dave

As much as I enjoy exploring different foods, my cooking definitely reflects my cultural background.  There’s simply no better comfort food for me than homemade dumplings.  The mention of dumplings conjure up memories of family gatherings where women in my family huddled together for at least half the day.   A cloud of flour suspended over them.  They take turns rolling out the dough wrappers fast enough to keep up with two pairs of hands wrapping the pouches of juicy meat.

(Come back soon as I will be updating with recipes)

Yes, I’m a bit anal about the size and shape of my dumplings.  No, I don’t often label my food.

When I feel like being fancy I’ll throw together something more complex like Peking Duck.

But I’m not here just to share with you the foods that I grew up with.  I borrow heavily from Italian, French, and other cultural cuisines.  I do love to experience other cultures and customs through food.  This blog will be a record of my exploration in all things I feel are too delicious not to experience.

Thanks for taking the time to visit!