About Wendy


Thanks for visiting my food blog!  I’m here to share some of my food adventures in my ordinary home kitchen.  In my little circle of the universe I’m known as the one who enjoys cooking and having people over for dinner.  The recipes I fall back on are certainly the ones that was passed down from the women in my family, yet  I experiment with all sorts of different foods I think will be interesting and taste good.

It wasn’t always this way.  When I was chased out of the kitchen for either making a mess or being in the way.  Somehow I managed to learn how to roll dumpling wrappers and fold them into pouches.  Later I graduated to making noodles on a hand cranked pasta maker.  But dumplings and homemade noodles are pretty labor intensive.  When you’re in college, then later living the fun filled post college life, who had time to make dumplings and noodles?

I was in my mid twenties and living alone when I felt a strong nostalgia for the home cooked food from my earlier years.  When my husband Dave and I set up house, he really encouraged me to explore culinary.  I’m sure it was purely altruistic on his part.

Here I am with the inspiration for many things I do.

Don’t let this blog or the photos fool you, though.  I’ve had plenty of failures in the kitchen.  As I’m sure some of you have too.  But so what?  As long as I don’t burn the house down, so what if a recipe doesn’t come together?  Keep trying.  Always keep trying.