New kitchen toy!

Hi friends! 

What a better way to get back into food blogging than with an entry on my new kitchen gadget.  

Now many of you have had a stand mixer for decades.  So it would seem after talking to all my fellow home chef friends. I’m simply someone who got use to cooking a certain way, without gadgets and gizmos. But we must all embrace the future.

Two year ago I got a food processor.  As of yesterday I’m the proud owner of this 30 ton beauty:

So shiny!

I’ve read somewhere that the bowl and attachment must first be cleaned with a baking soda paste that simple dish soap will not remove.  That was the first thing I did.  Luckily.

Notice how the baking soda turned grey.

Then, I strapped on a weight belt and some lifting gloves to move the thing into place.  Yes, it’s heavy!  With a 575 watt motor, I pray it will withstand the torture I’m about to put it through.  Should I give it a name?

I decided to ease into it with a simple bread roll recipe.

I’m loving the gentle purring of its motor as we went for our first spin.

Pretty effortless!

In conclusion: I should have gotten one sooner.