Hi there!  I’m Wendy, an ordinary home cook who happens to love eating and entertaining.  This is a documentation of my adventures in the kitchen.  All the food you see are prepared by me, in my kitchen.   I’ve intentionally used cell phone photos.  All my photos are of real food I serve to my friends and family, and I want you to see the real thing.

Hope you find this site useful as you flex your own culinary creativity.


First Post

How I cook

What is the Ketogenic Diet? — UPDATE

Letter to my slow cooker.

Fresh from the sea

Peking Duck (Beijing Roast Duck)

Phat Fudge!

Almond Butter

Eat more oxtail

Love the dinner party

Pumpkin pie this Fall

Marshmallows… not just for Smores!

Grandma’s Kou Rou

Individual rabbit pies, oh my!

What to do with pesky leftovers?

Conquering Wellington